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Snap Cloud smERP is ideal for small and medium sector industries (manufacturers/stockists) | Try our innovative solution powered by 24x7 support.

About Snap Cloud ERP

A Custom made Comprehensive ERP System which is enabled with Real Time Data management, enabling & synchronizing various departments reducing MAN WORKING TIME by integrating different reports auto verification and reducing working hours. Designed to support Unlimited Users.

This ERP system “Snap Cloud” is ideal for small and mid sector industries. It has been designed keeping in mind the User Friendly-ness and discarding all Additional costs usually comes associated with this kind of ERP system such as Installation of a Server at client site, networking for which a dedicated server/computer/network hardware maintenance team is required.

The system “Snap Cloud” we provide is designed with most advanced and user friendly way using PHP as front end interface and Hybrid Database on backend. The whole system is on Cloud Server which benefits can be used on any device and anywhere. A database backup option is there which downloads and updates your database at day end at your local system. And most importantly a dedicated 24x7 support is just at your fingertips to assure you a smooth running of your system. All software used are legal. This software is GST compliant also.

A robust cloud server with all kinds of security features and dedicated 24x7 support makes your work just smooth.

This software has the potential to reduce your working time. Makes smooth operations and coordination between departments is more synchronized.


Snap Cloud smERP is easy to learn and fully configurable software for Stocking and Manufacturing business. Reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.